what we offer

Private or group yoga classes focusing on alignment for everyday studio and home practices, as well as therapy based yoga to assist in alleviating every day or injury based discomforts.

Ayurvedic presentations and consultations to educate individuals about a variety of tools used to maintain a life-balance on a day to day basis , during seasonal changes, or during stressful and/or life changing events.

Feng Shui consultations to help individuals clear out clutter, enhance energies within living spaces, gain a greater sense of well being, increase prosperity and encourage new opportunity.

Yoga hikes to guide individuals toward finding a deeper connection with themselves and nature, while in nature. Enjoy the healing properties of the Tetons. 

New student and referral discounts.

*** Rabbit Whole Wellness believes everyone should have the chance to improve their health and wellbeing.

​       Ask us about our sliding scale option.

Heal Yourself
Enjoy Nature

Learn tools to help maintain balance during daily, seasonal and life changes, as you connect to both yourself and with nature.

Yoga Classes &

Ayurvedic Events


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